Nivtec Staging System Provides:
Technology, Quality, Precision, Care and Control
– You save Power – less assembly staff
– You save Time – with short assembly,
– You save Money – with quick assembly time
and less manpower.

Nivtec - Holden Display uses Nivtec Staging

What sets the Nivtec Staging System apart?

1.leg support – patented: fit in the leg
– turn the lever – ready!
2.hook-on sytem – patented:
hook tongue profile into groove profile
3.integrated locking mechanism Klick-Klack:
lock mechanism – ready!
4.multiplex plywood panel,
thickness 12 mm: low weight
5. assembly of legs:
no tools required
6.assembly of stage with standard platforms:
no additional connection parts required
7.compatible with Layher:
easy and stepless height adjustment

Nivtec combines:

– High quality material with origin in Remscheid, Germany and the EU
precision and care due to part production with nivtec’s own tools
– Continuous production control of suppliers‘ processes and at our own premises
– Structural calculations acc. to current regulations
– Continuous technical monitoring with TÜV inspections

Nivtec staging:

  • Enable Easy Stage Assembling
  • If Quality and Technology Line Up, New Perspectives Open Up



See The Proof – The Nivtec Staging System in Action

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Nivtec staging system Assembly step by step

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